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On Monday, we opened the doors to our new Beauty Hall, marking yet another milestone in our four-year masterplan.
We caught up with the mastermind behind the project Annalise Fard (Director of Beauty, Accessories, Fine Jewellery & Watches) to find out all about it.
So, what was the spark behind the new Beauty Hall project?
Put simply - How do we deliver an engaging, exciting environment, that brings all that imagination to life without it being too ‘noisy’ or too much, and is still approachable and inclusive; and, most importantly, is unmistakably Harrods?
What was your vision for the project?
We endeavour to deliver The Art of the Possible in everything we do, and this includes creating experiences that are new to our customers. This was an opportunity to exceed all expectations, offering true style and luxury beauty products tailored to our clients. I envisaged the department in the future – as a playground to discover the world’s most innovative new beauty products, creating an unforgettable environment while offering our customers a brand experience like nowhere else in the world.
How will this enhance the in-store experience?
We want our customers to feel empowered, and for the space to inspire them and add genuine value to their lives. Even if that’s just through finding the perfect foundation, it should give them an emotional connection to beauty. This launch is the beginning of an opportunity to make our customers feel really engaged, and to immerse themselves in a creative and interactive experience in-store. All of our experts are all on-hand, of course, to provide personalised consultations including make-up mapping and styling tips. And products can be tried out virtually using the magic mirrors – an innovation that employs AI technology to digitally map facial features and generate a live rendering of your face, matching your skin tone and hair colour.

Final words?
The new space is the ultimate beauty playground  and we're not done yet. 

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