Consisting of a variety of development programmes for different levels within the business, our courses challenge our employees through a series of tasks and assignments, with the overall aim of progressing up the Harrods career ladder.

These internationally-recognised courses include the first ever BA (Hons) degree in sales, a partnership with the London College of Fashion, and the opportunity for employees to be taught by external professionals regarded as the best within their industry. 
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Harrods Management Programme

Recognising that our employees want to make it to the top, the Harrods Management Programme offers the perfect platform for employees to kick-start their managerial career. With the next generation just as important as the current one, the eight-month programme includes developmental workshops, seminars, tutorials and on-the-job training. Working hand-in-hand with their current managers, employees are supported and encouraged to develop their skills with the view to becoming a Harrods manager within a year of finishing the course.

Business Academy
Working in conjunction with senior managers and respected external experts, the eight-month Business Academy programme helps our highest performing managers develop a business plan that could ultimately help Harrods move forward. The output of these courses is taken very seriously and the ideas which have come out of the programme have been implemented within the business, including a chocolate-making school in recent years.





BA (HONS) Degree in Sales

In 2009, Harrods made history once again, as we developed the UK's first degree in sales in partnership with the highly-regarded Anglia Ruskin University. Employees are encouraged to take part in a 24-month, intensive programme of university lectures, seminars, projects, and practical exercises to complete this internationally-recognised degree.


With selling at the forefront of our business, Harrods encourages employees not just to become good, but to excel in sales. With this in mind employees are encouraged by their managers to gain all the essential skills that will help them to meet and exceed their targets through one-to-one coaching sessions and weekly workshops.