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Temporary Sales Associates

Harrods is open to all. As long as you have the dedication and the right attitude, everything else can be taught.

If you love fashion, working at Harrods means you’ll be surrounded by the latest designer collections. If you’re passionate about cheese, you’ll feel at home in the fromagerie department.

Bring your passion to Harrods and explore what your future could look like.

We've got some great summer opportunities which are now open. Not only will you be working with a diverse customer base amongst world-class products, you’ll learn from the best. A lot of our previous temps have now joined our permanent team so your summer job could just be the start of a great career in Retail, along with enjoying up to 33% discount across the store.Working over the holiday season can be challenging, and we are specifically looking for fully flexible temps who will bring their best self to work. If you are willing to go the extra mile you can thrive in a rewarding environment with the opportunity to learn and develop your skills.

Apply today to join our team and become part of the incredible Harrods Family!