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Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

We embrace a broad definition of diversity here at Harrods; from gender, sexuality, ethnicity, disability, background, and experience to other dimensions such as lifestyle and family responsibilities. Our goal is to increase the representation of all dimensions to reflect the customers we serve and the increasingly diverse and global marketplace we operate in. 

We believe ‘Diversity’ depends on inclusion. This starts with creating a safe space and enabling everyone to be seen, heard, valued, and respected for the person they are and the uniqueness they bring. Inclusion also means being attentive to fairness and enabling everyone to contribute at their full potential to create a feeling of community and belonging in our colleagues.

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Our Belonging Networks

Our Belonging Networks play a crucial part in helping us deliver the vision we have for our future. Employee Networks build connected communities among our people; safe spaces in which our colleagues can share their experiences of working at Harrods and suggest ways in which, together, we can build a place of work, where everyone feels a sense of belonging.


Mental Wellbeing

Racial Equality and Diversity


Working Parents

Hear More from Our Networks & Allies:

This Is Me: James

James' Story

I’m James Moore, Group Marketing Manager at Harrods for Beauty, Interiors, Food and Drink, and I’m Vice-Chair of our Harrods LGBTQ+ Network. Growing up gay for me was a difficult experience. Honestly, a lonely experience. I didn’t feel I fit in. I didn’t always feel I had someone to share my experience with. The support system at Harrods has been unexpected and amazing. I found the opportunity to speak to many people in the LGBTQ+ network, which has been so important - to learn, discover and share our experiences as a connected community. Some of my proudest moments at Harrods have been linked to launching the LGBTQ+ network - it’s been so rewarding to share my story but also to hear other people’s stories, and utilise our collective experiences to challenge, change, create and collaborate. If I could speak to my younger self, I’d say I know that you feel sometimes lonely, sometimes confused, and sometimes unsure. You will have a fantastic opportunity coming up to meet lots of people, find your voice but also find the voices of others, and celebrate that this is me, this is you, and everything that we are supposed to be.

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Mental Health Awareness Week

From Our People

For Mental Health Awareness Week, our four colleagues help shed light on mental health as they generously shared their stories about how mental health has impacted their lives. They all faced different challenges and came through them with the support of their families, friends and colleagues.

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This Is Me: Sharon

Sharon's Story

I'm Sharon, I'm the Digital Content Specialist here at Harrods and normally I'm on the other side of the camera. At the age of eight, my whole life changed and I didn’t think I was able to live what I thought was a ‘normal life.’ I was told constantly by society to live in fear; fear that I will never achieve what ‘normal people’ would be able to achieve. But do you know what? I still have the same, if not more; drive, passion and ambition for what I do, my future, my dreams and my goals, I feel like if anything, it's given me the strength that I need to do anything without fear and that is one thing that makes me me.

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Careers Evening with With READ

Careers Evening

The R.E.A.D Network at Harrods hosted our first-ever careers evening. We wanted colleagues across the business to come along and network, build new connections and leave feeling more empowered and equipped to progress their careers. We were supported by the Resourcing team with very helpful interview and CV tips as well as four wonderful colleagues who shared their unique career stories. We left feeling inspired, motivated and proud.

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Ale Talks Allyship

Ale Caro

Our Marketing Director Ale Caro explains what being a belonging ally means to her.

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Gender Pay Gap

It is our people who make the Harrods brand strong and diverse. We strive for excellence and to build an inclusive home for our colleague community. For the past number of years, Harrods has welcomed the opportunity to report our Gender Pay Gap across the business; allowing us to reflect on the past year in terms of delivering our values and to look ahead to next year for ways in which we can continue to grow and improve as a leading luxury business in the retail sector.

read pay gap report here
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