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Our Security Investigations & Uniforms team help keep everyone safe within Harrods. Comprising of Security Officers, Store Detectives, Investigators and CCTV Operators, this team closely monitor store activity for theft and damage risks. Our SIA licensed uniformed security officers deal with physical security, patrols, asset protection, first aid response and emergency situations, whilst our eagle-eyed store detectives scour the store for crime. Monitoring all CCTV footage, our CCTV team detect and prevent threats, from tracking down missing merchandise to investigating customer complaints.

Fire Health & Safety

Our Fire Health & Safety team actively promotes a positive fire, health and safety culture across all Harrods properties. Thanks to their expert knowledge of Health & Safety regulations, this team ensures the safety of employees and customers while remaining calm and authoritative no matter how hectic the situation.

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Meet Rebecca, Health & Safety Administrator
Meet Rebecca, Health & Safety Administrator
We catch up with Rebecca, to learn more about what it takes to work in this...

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