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Interview Guidance

Interviews are a fantastic way for us as an employer to understand and learn about you as a potential employee and colleague. We want to understand your motivation for joining Harrods, the expertise you have within your chosen field and how you could excel with us.

It's a two way street. We’re evaluating you, as much as you’re evaluating us so please come armed with questions of your own about what we can offer you as a potential employer.

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Dress the Part

To help you prepare for your interview, here's some more information about our current dress code and etiquette policies. As the world’s leading luxury department store, we aim to exceed our customers’ expectations at all times – so it’s really important to dress appropriately for your interview.

The Harrods Standard – This is our our dress code and etiquette policy for customer-facing colleagues, as well as support colleagues who may carry out ad hoc work in customer facing locations (including our Knightsbridge, Gatwick, Heathrow, and H beauty stores).

Dress for your Day – This policy is for support colleagues working in our offices or from home. The dress code here is more relaxed, allowing for those moments when we’re not with customers, suppliers, or external contacts.

We advise you to dress smart and formally for your interview. This may include a tailored suit, shirt with tie, a dress with a blazer and smart shoes. and if you are unsure about what to wear, please speak to your Resourcing contact. Remember to chose something that you feel comfortable and confident in. 

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What To Expect

We want to have conversations with you during your interview around your experience, motivation, strengths and your knowledge of the company and position you are applying for, and how you would deal with certain situations in a workplace environment. Here are some tips when meeting us for an interview

Show Us Your Energy

Show us why you're interested in the role and Harrods; do your research across our careers site and social media channels such as @togetherharrods on Instagram and LinkedIn to understand who we are - understanding your passion will go a long way. 

Work Experience And Behaviours

Focus on what's relevant in your experience and achievements but also what's transferrable. We also evaluate based on our values as we see these as key to success at Harrods.

Plan Ahead

If you're meeting us in person, know where you're headed and plan accordingly. For virtual interviews test your WiFi and access to MS Teams, your Resourcing Partner can help you here. Also refresh yourself with your CV.

Ask Questions And Be Yourself

Asking questions shows us you're interested and engaged. We also want you to be yourself, for your personality to shine through so be authentic to who you are - it's what makes Harrods a family.

We Are Here For You

Our Resourcing Team want you to succeed so please do speak with your Resourcing Partner for further support.

Strength Based Interviewing

To ensure that we recruit people who will thrive and flourish at Harrods, we use a strength- based approach to hiring.

A Strengths-based interview seeks to understand both if you can do something, and if you enjoy it. This interview style tells us if you enjoys certain tasks or elements of your role, so we can match you to a position that suits you best. This approach also provides more innovative, realistic experiences for our candidates. This gives you more opportunity to show yourselves at your best and understand more about how you will fit the role.

If you are familiar with a competency-based interview, it will be a very different experience.

Traditional competency-based recruitment rests on your providing examples from your past experiences. However, when it comes to strengths, we’re assessing for potential, allowing us to hire candidates from all kinds of wonderful backgrounds, with our focus being how your behaviours and beliefs align with our own Harrods Values.

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By relying less on past experiences or rehearsed responses, we get to know you as a candidate much better and understand what makes you Uniquely You.

Not every single question will explicitly ask you to share an example, but you are free to do so where you feel it will enhance your answer, However, please do not try to ‘force’ answers or examples if they are not appropriate for the question.

The best advice we can give you is to relax, listen carefully to the questions, and answer each question naturally.

For more information on Strength Based Interviewing, please reach out to your Resourcing Partner.

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