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Forever Green & Gold

Because the Magic of Harrods Never Leaves You

We are all connected by having worked together to deliver great things at Harrods, and we want to do everything we can to remain connected in the future. If you're a former colleague and want to stay connected, please join our Harrods Alumni network, Forever Green & Gold. This is an exclusive community for colleagues who have left Harrods and a place where you can stay in touch with the business, former colleagues, and the magic of Harrods. A place where we will keep sharing our plans for the future with you, providing information we think you will enjoy and stories about colleagues' past and present.

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Alumni Stories

Raj Assanand

"The aura comes from the building; when you come off the tube, or when you travel down Brompton Road, you see Harrods, and it is a palace. The building is an iconic landmark – it’s magical. When you join Harrods, you become part of a family. It’s amazing how one store can generate so much emotion."

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Simon Davies

"It’s the interaction with the people at Harrods; the daily challenges presented by a business always looking to move forward with new ideas and initiatives and the general fast pace of retail. I would just like to take the chance to thank everybody I have known and worked with."

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Andy Lanaway

"It’s such a unique place to work. We’ve had fires, and floods, I’ve chased criminals and welcomed royalty; all inside the store. I even had to stop a young Prince from running out an open door into the road. The opportunity to interact with these people is so rare and so special."

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