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Marketing and eCommerce

The Harrods motto is based on 'anything is possible'; and the Harrods marketing team embodies this by combining brilliant customer insight, with the latest trends, working across a team of internal and external partners to deliver world-class integrated marketing campaigns via compelling, consistent and connected messages.

With roles ranging from content creation and design to merchandising, online marketing and development, our eCommerce operation is dedicated to delivering the most usable and intuitive shopping experience imaginable. In this thriving department, we explore the most innovative ways to present our luxury offer across desktop, tablet and mobile platforms. By anticipating our customers’ desires and delivering elegant, effective solutions we help maintain Harrods position as the Number One luxury store in the world.

The team is dedicated to providing future and current customers with dynamic and sensational marketing campaigns; their mission to make customers all over the world aware that Harrods is a leader and authority in luxury retail.