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International Women's Day 2023

Posting date: 07/03/23


This year for International Women's Day, we're shining a light on women from different roles within Harrods. Each share a little bit about their role, and what it means to them to be a woman.  We wish everyone reading this blog a great International Women's Day. Enjoy the video. 

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Security Training Manager

"My job as Training Manager allows me to be a part of the recruitment and training for Security, and I absolutely love helping others learn about their role and Harrods and encouraging their curiosity."

harrods doorman


Head Chef

"Being a woman and being in my role as a Head Chef, I am incredibly proud that I can empower and teach the younger generation of Chefs to believe that you can achieve anything."

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Learning Experience Designer

"My role gives me the best of both worlds; the space to be both creative and insights-lead in my work. I love experimenting with new approaches, but most of all I love that our team seeks to inspire self-belief and curiosity in not only women but all our colleagues."  

harrods doorman


Store Services Supervisor

"I am grateful that in my role, I lead and look after a group of really hardworking and dedicated women from different parts of the world which allows me to learn about their diverse culture."

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Food & Beverage Administrator

"I love how multifunctional my role as Food and Beverage Administrator is and I get to meet and that I interact with lots of inspiring women from different parts of the business."

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"I feel incredibly energised in my role as I am able to provide positivity and encouragement towards the many different people I meet every day."

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Concession Data Analyst

"I love my team, meeting new people and learning something new every single day."

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