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Frequently asked questions

We know that during the application process, before you go to an interview or start your first day you are full of questions. That is why we have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions, designed to assist with any last minute queries you may need answering.

I can’t find the hammersmith office / knightsbridge store / crown court offices. What do i do?

Please see here for maps.

Q. Where will the positions be located?

The majority of our positions are located within the Knightsbridge store or offices. However, we have a distribution centre at Thatcham, our head office at Hammersmith, and our Harrods stores within Gatwick and Heathrow Airports.

Q. Do you offer internships /work placements?

If there are internships available, they will be advertised on our careers website alongside our other vacancies.

Q. Can i apply for a number of roles at any one time?

If you are applying to a permanent, temporary or concession position that has a number of openings i.e. Sales Associate / Warehouse Operative, please only apply to your number one choice. The Harrods Careers team will consider you for all live vacancies but you only need to upload your details once.

Q. I have a criminal record – will this stop me working for harrods?

Each case will be looked at individually, but as long as you are open and honest with us, then we will look into each case and judge each one in isolation.

Q. Can i apply to more than one of the advertised roles with harrods?

Yes, however your initial application will be reviewed for all relevant roles matched against your background and experience. NOTE: high numbers of multiple applications across a variation of roles may not be viewed positively.

q. What are my expected working hours?

The hours of work vary between 37.5 per week for selling employees, to up to 42 hours for senior management, worked over 5 days out of the 7. Sales role hours will be on a shift rota basis. As our roles cover both entry level and management positions, the hours of work will vary accordingly and will be either detailed on the job advert or during your initial telephone discussions.

Q. I’ve applied before – can i re-apply?

All candidates may re-apply for roles, six months after their last contact with Harrods.

Q. How will i learn about the products and brands?

Within your department, you will receive product training sessions either directly from the brand or from your Manager/Buyer.

Q. I am unable to upload my cv, what should i do?

Please try using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome for optimal results when uploading your CV. Make sure the document is in Word format (.doc). If you are still unable to complete the upload, tweet @HarrodsCareers with your full name and the role you applied for to resolve your issue. Alternatively, email with your CV providing as much information as possible.

q. What does it mean if my application is on hold?

If your application has been put on hold, you have been successful at the Assessment Centre; however, there are no current vacancies that match your skill set and you have been placed into a talent pool. New vacancies are released to us every day so we will contact you if / when a vacancy arises that is suitable.

Q. If i’m an internal candidate, do i still have to apply online?

Yes, all candidates, whether external or internal, have to apply online.

Q. What is the dress code at harrods?

We take pride in our appearance at Harrods and have a formal dress code, to ensure our customers recognise our employees on the shop-floor. During your interview process you will be advised of our guidelines.

Q. How will my performance be measured?

Here at Harrods we are known for our high standards, which is one of the reasons our customers continue to return to us again and again to shop. As a Sales Associate you will be measured on your customer service and sales productivity. For management; KPIs, project delivery, competencies, etc. are a key part of our expectations. We have high expectations and therefore employ the best people to maintain our world class status.

Q. I have been invited to book an interview online but there are no available slots showing, what should i do?

More time-slots will be published at a later date, so please keep checking online until another appointment becomes available.Alternatively, tweet @HarrodsCareers or email with your full name and the role you applied for to resolve your issue.

Q. I haven’t had any feedback since my interview, who can i contact/what should i do?

We provide feedback within ten working days. If you have not yet received feedback within this time, please tweet @HarrodsCareers with your full name and the role you applied for or email to resolve your issue.

Q. I’am having difficulties completing my video interview, what do i do?

If you have a technical issue during your interview, please contact Launchpad directly by clicking the Help button. Alternatively, tweet @HarrodsCareers with your full name and the role you applied for to resolve your issue.

Q. What checks will be undertaken if i am successful for a role?

We will undertake credit and reference checks for successful candidates.

Q. I have missed my interview, what should i do?

Please tweet @HarrodsCareers with your full name and the role you applied for or email stating that you missed your interview. We will then send you a new invitation for you to re-schedule at your convenience.

Q. I have to cancel my interview, what should i do?

Please tweet @HarrodsCareers with your full name and the role you applied for or email stating that you missed your interview. We will then send you a new invitation for you to re-schedule at your convenience. If you’d like to withdraw from the process completely, please state this clearly and you will be removed from the system.

Q. I want to delete the data that I provided during my application process, what should i do?

All candidates have the ability to delete their user account, including your CV and all the personal details you have provided us. To delete your data please sign in to your account, navigate into your career centre and select the option 'delete my account.' It can take up to 24 hours for your account to be completely removed from our servers.

Q. What partners do you work with? 

SHL - Online Talent Screener

Harrods uses an objective ‘Online Talent Screener’ (OTS) to support high quality hiring decisions during the initial stages of the online recruitment process for our Sales Associate roles. The talent screener measures an individual’s performance against the behavioural profile of a ‘high performing’ Harrods Sales Associate. The term ‘high performing’ was created by studying a cross-section of our Sales Associate population and looked at metrics including sales performance, customer feedback and net promoter score, performance ratings and tenure, and was used to build a number of scenarios that candidates might encounter whilst working as a Sales Associate.
The Harrods Talent Screener provides an online realistic preview of the Sales Associate role to improve provide a realistic expectation of the cultural and technical role requirements seen within Harrods for external applicants. Candidates are given scenarios they are likely to encounter in the Sales Associate role at Harrods, and their ratings of potential courses of action are compared against model answers. This produces a score which indicates how well they might be suited to the role.
Further details about shl can be found by visiting their website.


Thomas International

Thomas International is a leading global provider of people assessment tools and is used by Harrods to help build a broad picture of candidates in our recruitment process outside of CVs and competency-based interviews.
We typically use 3 assessments from the Thomas International portfolio: Personality Profile Assessments (PPA), General Intelligence Assessments (GIA), and Skills Testing for common software programmes like Excel, Word and Powerpoint.
If you have been asked to complete an assessment and would like further details about what to expect, or the science behind each assessment, please click here and select the assessment type you have been asked to complete.


Assessment Centres

As part of the process, you need to attend one of our Strengths-Based Assessment Centres.
The Strengths-based Assessment Centre allows us to assess a large number of candidates each week, as our Sales Associate roles receive a high number of applications each week.  Candidates are benchmarked against a specific set of Harrods ‘strengths’ developed through extensive research of our high performing Sales Associates.  By using only fully trained assessors, we are able to objectively and consistently score candidates against a set of fully defined criteria.  For further details about Strengths Based Assessments, please click here. 




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