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Can I apply for multiple jobs? 

Yes though we encourage you to narrow your choices down to those positions that truly match your skills. experience and interest. Your initial application will be reviewed for all relevant roles matched against your background and experience.


I’ve applied before and not been successful – can I re-apply? 

Yes, all candidates may re-apply for roles, six months after their last contact with Harrods to give you the chance to get more experience and grow before trying again.


I am unable to upload my CV, what should I do?

Please try using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome for optimal results when uploading your CV. Make sure the document is in Word format (.doc). If you are still unable to complete the upload, tweet @HarrodsCareers with your full name and the role you applied for to resolve your issue. Alternatively, email with your CV providing as much information as possible.


I have been invited to book an interview online but there are no available slots showing, what should I do?

More time-slots will be published at a later date, so please keep checking online until another appointment becomes available. Alternatively, tweet @HarrodsCareers or email with your full name and the role you applied for to resolve your issue.


I haven’t had any feedback since my interview, who can I contact/what should I do?

We provide feedback within ten working days. If you have not yet received feedback within this time, please tweet @HarrodsCareers with your full name and the role you applied for or email to resolve your issue.


What references must I provide if my application is successful? What if I have a criminal record – will this stop me getting a job?

We expect you to be honest and open with us. If your application is successful, we'll ask you to complete a criminal and reference check. And depending on the role you've applied for and the nature of your convictions, we may withdraw the offer.


Do you offer internships /work placements?

We don't have an ongoing placement offering though if there are internships available, they will be advertised on our careers website alongside our other vacancies.


How will I learn about the products and brands?

Within your department, you will receive product training sessions either directly from the brand or from your Manager/Buyer.


What is the dress code?

We expect all our people to dress appropriately for their day and for their role. Each job is different so, during your interview process, you will be advised of our guidelines.

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