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Store Detective

  • Department: Security
  • Location: Knightsbridge
  • Job type: Full Time
  • Contract Type: Permanent
  • Job reference: VAC- 2222

This vacancy has now expired.

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  • To prevent and detect offences against the law and/or discipline throughout the organisation, to apprehend offenders and to ensure they are dealt with in accordance with the company’s policies.
  • Prevention and detection of losses and injury to the Company, its staff and customers. Research and monitoring of equipment and procedures to affect this purpose.

  • To have a knowledge of relevant laws and Police & Criminal Evidence Act (PACE) in respect of the role.

  • Identify security aspects in respect of which the Company may be vulnerable and, where appropriate through the Security Investigations Manager, to reduce that vulnerability.

  • To undertake investigations allocated by his/her line managers with a view to furthering the Company’s interests by the recovery of missing goods, the identification of culprits and by referral to law enforcement agencies or discipline proceedings when appropriate.

  • To gather, prepare and be ready to give evidence at Courts, Tribunals and Disciplinary hearings as required.

  • To advise and assist other staff in the preparation of evidence.

  • To deal with the detention of suspects (staff or customers etc.), to produce the evidence, conducting any further enquiries called for.

  • To participate in the training of staff, particularly in those parts of the Store for which he/she has a particular responsibility.

  • To liaise with managers and staff of departments in crime prevention matters advising them accordingly.

  • To comply with any reasonable request from his/her line managers or from managers from other Departments appertaining to Harrods Store, its staff or customers in relation to security or safety.

  • To acquire an excellent knowledge of the Store geography, by proactively patrolling and establishing good knowledge of the Departments, Managers, Staff and merchandise throughout. With a view to preventing a monetary loss for the company by preventing merchandise and/or funds from wrongfully leaving the store. This will be achieved by developing a general expertise in the following respects:

                    Merchandise Protection.

                    Company policy,

                    Fraud prevention,

                    Use of covert equipment,

                    Detecting offences,

                    Statement and report writing

  • To assist in the security of VIPs visiting the Store.

  • To conduct searches of lockers and areas as required.

  • To operate security monitoring equipment and examine its products as required.

  • To issue and receive merchandise protection equipment as required.

  • To liaise with other investigative agencies and to conduct enquiries on their behalf as appropriate.

  • To keep up to date with legislation as it applies to his/her work.

  • To deal with arrests competently, and to treat all suspects with respect.
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